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Becca Wertheimer, Storied founder

I have always loved talking to people and hearing stories about their lives. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of sitting in my kitchen listening to my friends and family swap stories. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for over a decade, I have spent hours honing the skills of listening, asking questions, and helping people feel comfortable sharing. With Storied, I use my skills to promote joy and connection.

When my father died in 2015 and I was at his memorial service listening to all sorts of wonderful stories about him, I was struck by how strange it was that we saved these stories to share until after he was gone and unable to hear them. I kept wishing that he could have hung on for a few more days to hear all of these beautiful things said about him. That feeling and thought stuck with me.

In the fall of 2019, feeling tired, burnt out from work, and needing a change, my husband suggested that I start a business where I interview people about their life stories. After my initial hesitation, I relented and realized he was onto something. Capturing life stories, along with what we love, admire and have learned from those around us satisfied the unresolved feeling I had at my father's memorial service.


I live in Portland, Maine with my husband, two children, and a dog, all of whom are tired of hearing my stories. When I am not recording stories, you can find me walking around my neighborhood listening to a podcast or chatting with a friend, scrolling through Instagram looking at haircut pictures, or baking chocolate chip cookies.


Capturing your stories is truly an honor. I am grateful every day that I get to do it. Please reach out with any questions or story ideas you may have!





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