How long will the Storied process take from start to finish?

That may depend on your package or plan but the final product is typically delivered to you within one month of the session.  For shorter interviews, the turn around time may be faster.  If you are thinking of an interview as a last minute gift for someone, please reach out and I will do my best to get it prepared in time for you. 

Do I have a chance to listen to progress and provide feedback?

After the interview, we'll have a discussion about what you want to highlight, or what you want to take out.  Please read this information sheet for more information.

You said you spent years as an Licensed Clinical Social Worker - will this be like therapy?

This is not therapy, however, I will use the skills I have developed as a therapist to help draw out your story. It is not therapy but it may feel theraputic.

How much does it cost?

The current rate is $100 for up to a 30 minute interview and $200 per hour of interview.  This cost includes: 

  • 15 minute pre-interview consultation including list of sample interview questions

  • recorded interview time

  • post production editing time

  • final product:  digital audio file, delivered electronically and USB flash drive gift boxed up

Gift cards can be purchased for any amount. They will be mailed to you with list of sample questions included. 

Take a look at this information sheet for more information.

I want to give a Storied gift certificate to someone but I am not sure how to explain it to them?

With every gift certificate the recipient will receive a copy of this information sheet explaining what a Storied interview is and how it works.  I will answer questions for them during the pre-interview consultation call as well.  

How does Zencastr work and what about in-person interviews?

Visit  Zencastr to watch a short video on how it works.  You will need a computer, headphones and internet.

If you live in the Portland, Maine area we can meet in-person in my home office/studio to record your interview.

If you would like to conduct the interview in your own home, please email/call me to discuss details.

I have a different question that is not included here.

Feel free to email me at becca[at] or call at 207-712-7651.  Thank you!