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Hostess with the Mostess!

Hello all! I have been pretty quiet lately but Storied is still kickin', the trailer is still wonderful, and summer feels here-ish. And, a lot of life has been happening for me separate from Storied. Let me explain...

I had breast cancer in 2016. Turns out the 'ole cancer missed me and has returned to grace me with it's presence again. Call me the cancer hostess with the mostess! I start chemo on June 26th and from what my doctors tell me it looks like I have a solid year of treatment, in one form or another, ahead of me.

Of course, I will have to wait and see how I feel as treatment progresses but for the moment my hopeful plan is to:

*Continue remote interviews via computer and phone

*Do limited in-person interviews in the trailer (housed in my front yard) depending on clearance from my doctors

*Put trailer related events on hold for the next few months

For my first go around with cancer, I had a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. As part of that bizarre process, I worked with a plastic surgeon to figure out what my new breast size would be. As my (male) plastic surgeon said to me on several occasions, "No shame if you want to go a little bigger." While he was referring to my cup size and not my aspirations, I am here to say, that I plan to go bigger this time around. Bigger in terms of taking rest when I need it. Bigger in asking for help when I need it. And bigger in sharing my storied experience with all of you.

I will pull the cancer card when I need to but please know that I am still excited and ready to capture your stories too.



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