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Start 'em young

Last week at a school community dinner my daughter and her friend collected stories from students, teachers, and parents about someone at the school who has made them feel special or unique and what hopes they have for the school in the future (mostly a bigger gym and daily pizza).

I promise I am not trying to prime her to take over my business but I do hope that she continues to ask thoughtful questions and then shares the answers with those who need to hear it.

I don't care how young or old you are, how high brow or low brow your humor may be, or what your human package looks like--we all need to hear how we have influenced another person, hopefully for the better. Just knowing that someone else is thinking of you in a positive way can make it feel like spring on a dreary early April day.

I will carefully step down from my soapbox now because my knees aren't what they used to be.

Stay tuned for more updates on the mobile trailer later this week! Tim McMahon has come out of carpentry retirement for this one last project and then he will promptly be heading back to his studio to make more 'dumb pots for smart people.' Smart people, do yourself a favor and get yourself one.

I know you don't need my help to share nice things you are thinking about others...but if you do want my help, just reach out.



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