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Tuesdays with Storied for December 28, 2021

I have two friends from growing up, Katie and Caitlin, that make me giggle like no other. One of the silver linings of increased FaceTime and Zoom time is the reconnection to laughing like I am a pre-teen and being reminded of all of the things I have willfully forgotten from my youth.

It was Cakie, as she is affectionately known, who reminded me of my childhood crush on a CBS weatherman (see this post for more details). We all cracked up remember Cakie’s makeup mirror with different light settings including ‘daytime’ and my favorite, ‘mood lighting’. We all gasped remembering Katie’s purple suede leather jacket that was her staple through high school and steady companion through all sorts of teenage hijinks.

I have had the good fortune to do Storied interviews with Katie’s mother and both of Cakie’s parents. What a gift it is to learn about the wonderful people that created both of these special humans.

On a recent text thread Katie said she would be hosting her family for the holidays and we all remarked that she was born to host as her ability to make people feel welcomed and warm is like no other. Cakie told me how much she enjoyed her mothers surprise Storied interview and and Katie called me a story hostess.

Now when I get the dreaded “what do you do” question, I have an answer at the ready thanks to my longtime pals. It is a gift to have friends who can distill decades of knowing you into a personal tagline.

While I like to think that I have evolved slightly since my teenage years, some things don’t change—when it comes to sharing stories and laughing with old friends I will always strive to be the hostess with the mostess.

Your enthusiastic story hostess to old friends and new ones not yet met,


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