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Tuesdays with Storied for January 4, 2022

Can I get some help from you in 2022?!

Mid-January marks two years of Storied which marks two years of stumbling and recalibrating and laughter and tears and growth and all of it.

By my own measure, my profit margin has been high—in human connection, in knowing that I helped someone capture stories and feelings to be shared with another person, in getting to be creative and autonomous.

My daughter is still upset that I have displaced our dog from his favorite barking spot so that I could carve out an office space. So, I owe it to myself and to my steady and patient husband to continue to grow this business and one day move it out of our house.

For 2022 I intend to be more bold in reaching out to new and potential connections. The worst that could happen is a deleted email, a silent response, and a mildly sprained ego, right?

This is where you come in—I would love for you to send me your ideas for new stories to capture and institutions and business to connect with. I have some ideas percolating as well but a hearty thank you in advance for letting me benefit from your creative brains!

If you have ideas and want to pass them along please reach me by:

Phone to text/call: 207-712-7651

IG: @storiedme

FB: @storiedmaine

Thank you for your unwavering support. It means the world to me and has kept me going and will continue to propel me forward!



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