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Tuesdays with Storied for March 8, 2022

When I was formally introduced to my now husband for the first time, he was wearing an orange plaid shirt and jeans. Tight jeans. He later told me he was in nursing school and waiting tables on the side and made his best tips in those jeans. Honestly, I was relieved that those jeans were not his everyday wear. I remember that his voice had a genuine quality to it that made me feel comfortable right away—which balanced out the brashness of his orange plaid.

You may have a distinct memory of meeting someone for the first time. Other folks you don’t remember meeting and it feels like they just showed up in your life and have always been there. Or someone was in your orbit for awhile but you didn’t really get to know them until your worlds collided somehow.

Whether it is meeting a friend, partner, or child for the first time, I love hearing the details of what you remember noticing and feeling. The stories of how your first impressions were right on, or totally inaccurate, are always such a pleasure to listen to, record, and share.

When I listen to these stories, it is always a good reminder to not judge a book by its cover, or its jeans, for that matter.



P.S. If you have a moment to tell Google a little story about meeting me, that would be great!

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