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A Cozy Living Room on Wheels

I thought it might be time to let you all know that I am still around working on various projects and on getting the mobile Storied studio up and running.

I am at the stage of the trailer project where I probably owe the UPS and FedEx folks some cookies for all the extra deliveries they have been making. Once all the supplies have arrived, the work can begin.

I am not sure that this aesthetic really exists but I am hoping that my fabulous design/build team can help me create a 'cozy living room on wheels' in which to record your stories.

Let me introduce, Meg Gorsline of Lady Ma'am Home (website coming soon!) who is helping me with all things design and Tim McMahon who will be interrupting his ceramic making for a few days to help build the trailer out.

And, thank you to Matt Frassica for consulting with me on how to make the recordings sound as best they can in a mobile environment.

This new mobile office, and spring, cannot come fast enough because my only office mate is starting to cramp my style big time!

I will keep sending along pictures and updates as the mobile living room progresses. And, in the meantime, please be in touch if you have a remote interview you'd like to schedule. I am also willing to travel to you and record in your living room.



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