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Four years down, many more to go!

It seems like the start of 2024 is as good a time as any to reintroduce myself and explain what Storied is and why this might be the year to work with me.

Today also marks the 4th anniversary of Storied!

Four lucky years of connecting and collecting stories, learning, pivoting, making mistakes, finding new corners of the house to make an office out of, and so much more.

Ultimately it has been just putting one foot in front of the other in order to keep this thing that I love doing afloat.

You know what has also lasted 4 years? This black and white shirt that I clearly wear a lot. Is an old timey jailhouse aesthetic a thing?

Picture below was taken when my office was a card table in our bedroom at the start of the pandemic...

Here is a little Q&A where I do the Q and the A:

What is Storied and who are you?

My name is Rebecca (Becca) Wertheimer and I am the founder of Storied. I audio interview people about stories that are important to share with loved ones.  

What kind of stories are you talking about?

Parents sharing reflections on their early lives for their children, friends sharing tales about a loved one for a for a birthday or anniversary, or words of love and appreciation for a partner. 

And who is Storied for really?

For anyone looking to preserve their legacy and feel more connected to those they love, I record, edit, and make your audio interview a thoughtfully crafted gift.

And what makes you qualified to do such a thing?

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for over a decade, I have spent hours honing the skills of listening, asking questions, and helping people feel comfortable sharing. With Storied, I use these skills to promote joy and connection.

What else is important to know?

I just love talking to people. I am curious and genuinely interested in people's lives and their origin stories.

With Storied I am trying to create a physical and figurative space where people feel at ease sharing about themselves.

I can be found most days in sweatpants and red lipstick. I love taking walks around my neighborhood and cooking/baking while listening to a podcast. I love going to the movies (Falmouth Flagship Cinema is my favorite) and Junior Mints and a fountain soda are my snacks of choice while there.

Oh, and I have breast cancer which is no fun but is also the least interesting thing about me. Cancer is responsible for the buzz cut you see above and some needed flexibility when scheduling interviews in the next few months.

I am banking on many more Storied anniversaries to come. Thank you for being part of helping me get this far.



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