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Frankly, it was a great beach day!

Sometimes life really is a day at the beach. As a Christmas gift for his father in 2020, Andy Zarro bought his dad, Frank, a Storied gift certificate. The two hour interview turned into about nine hours over the course of a few months.

Frank and I talked about all aspects of his very interesting and layered life. This was all before I was using an app with video capability. So, Frank and I recorded over the phone but never actually saw each other. Given that Frank lives in New York and I am in Maine, the marvel of modern communication let us record his stories while we connected by talking, the old fashioned way.

Then as luck, and living in Portland would have it, I bumped into Andy and his lovely husband,TJ, at the beach yesterday. Andy tells me that is dad is here visiting from New York and is also at the beach. I was so excited to meet Frank in person that I lept out of the water to meet him. When Frank went for a handshake I requested a hug and he didn’t say a thing about how soggy I was. A real class act.

Luckily my dear friend encouraged me to go back and get a picture with Frank. Minus the sunburns I inadvertently let my kids get, it was a perfect day at the beach.

I hope you all get a few more beach days in this August. But before you go, book a Storied interview as my rates are increasing this fall...



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