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Gift Certificate Pitch

For the past few weeks I have attended an online course helping me with business branding. You wouldn't think it would be so hard to effectively communicate what I do but it turns out putting things into clear and understandable language is challenging.

Thank you to the Women's Business Center, Malika Malhotra, and the others ladies in the group for helping me put my jumbled words into some type of order. And, thank you to my steady husband and dear friend Jill McMahon for polishing it up.

If you ever have the misfortune of getting stuck in an elevator with me and you ask me what I do, here is my answer:

My name is Rebecca (Becca) Wertheimer and I am the founder of Storied. I audio interview people about stories that are important to share with loved ones.

Like parents sharing reflections on their early lives for their children, birth stories for their own children, friends sharing tales about a loved one for a for a birthday or anniversary, or words of love and appreciation for a partner.

For anyone looking to preserve their legacy and feel more connected to those they love, I record, edit, and make your audio interview a thoughtfully crafted gift.

And, if you are in the market for a last minute thoughtfully crafted gift, consider a Storied gift certificate. You can purchase them online here:

A few tips:

*If you don't want the receipient to receive an email announcement about the gift, just send the email to yourself.

*Once you purchase online, reach out to me if you would like me to mail out a physical gift certificate. I will include an:

informational sheet

interview questions

business card

Storied sticker

Storied notecard with a personalized note

Thank you all for your love and support this last year. 2023 brought some unexpected suprises and I am sure 2024 will have some more up her sleeve.

Here's my pitch for the new year--Let's make plans for the future, take it one day at a time, and share stories about it all.



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