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It's been a (last) minute...

I was going to start off writing about how you might have noticed that I have been a bit quiet in my communications lately. Then I thought, "Ok, nobody is thinking about you as much as you are thinking about you."

In case you are wondering, I am still around but have had my head glued to my computer in order to get all of my editing finished before years end. Proud to say that I have finished all of my current projects and I am ready to for more!

A few days ago, I received this New York Times article about recording your family members stories over the holidays. The amount of head nodding I did while reading this article was excessive. I even wrote to the journalist who wrote the article because I was so excited by it. No huge shock here but I have not heard back. Yet. You may need to have a subscription to read this but go ahead and try to read it anyway.

And, if you think recording your family members is a great idea because the New York Times said it was AND you like the idea in theory but don't really want to do it yourself AND you are a last minute shopper, consider a Storied gift certificate.

If you live in the Portland area, I will be doing some drop offs tomorrow and could drop a physical gift certificate off to you. When you order it online just note that you would like a physical gift certificate dropped off to you.

Stay tuned for more new Storied related things in 2023! Hoping that 2023 will bring a new mobile Storied studio--like a food truck but for sharing stories and feelings.



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