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Joy and Connection

On my website, I have a line that reads, "As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for over a decade, I have spent hours honing the skills of listening, asking questions, and helping people feel comfortable sharing. With Storied, I use these skills to promote joy and connection."

Sometimes I wonder if I should take out the 'joy and connection' part because I think it feels a little too hacky. And maybe someday I will. For now I am keeping it though.

When someone sits down to chat with me, I want them to:

EnJOY the process of sharing their stories

Feel connected to their past

Feel connected to their loved ones who will be listening to the recordings

Feel heard and listened to

Have peace of mind knowing their stories and legacy will be preserved

If you are looking to spread some joy and connection this holiday season, or any season, consider a Storied gift card for yourself or a loved one:

If you purchase a digital gift card but would like a physical gift card mailed to you, just reach out and I will pop one in the mail to you:


While 2024 will bring some more cancer treatment for me, I continue to be buoyed by the joy and connection involved in capturing your stories.



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