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Whelp, I am home again, home again, jiggety jig!

When I last wrote, I thought I would have my South Portland office space until April 2023. As luck would have it, Molly of MollyMaps found an artist friend who wanted to rent the space as soon as possible and so I quickly packed up my things and waved goodbye. I loved that little space and I am grateful to Molly for the opportunity to test out having a space outside of my home.

Just a quick recap of my 'office' spaces since I started Storied in January 2020:

  • Started at our small black dining room table doing in-person interviews.

  • Pandemic hit and I moved my things up to a small card table in our bedroom and started doing remote interviews.

  • Moved from the bedroom card table to an office space in the front of our house so I could do in-person interviews. Nice idea in theory but in reality it was a lot of the dog barking and dog trying to sit on everyone's lap. Remote interviews still worked though.

  • From the front of the house office space, I moved to the MollyMaps studio in May 2022.

  • As of November 2022, I am back at home doing remote interviews (where I edit out the barking dog) and doing in-person interviews on location.

Up next in 2023? With any luck and a little financing help, I will be purchasing a trailer and having my handy and talented carpenter/ceramicist friend, Tim McMahon convert it into a mobile Storied studio for me. Be on the lookout for a very excited, but inexperienced trailer driver, trying desperately to not take out mailboxes and look professional.

As for the rest of 2022? Working on getting all of my editing up-to-date, and doing holiday audio cards that make the just right thoughtful and affordable gift.

I will be booking the Storied Audio Cards from now until DECEMBER 15th to have them turned around in time for the holidays.

With all of these changes, my communication game has not been as strong as I'd like but I promise to work on it!



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