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Sometimes the Very Thing your Looking For is the One Thing you Can't See

When I was younger and I couldn't see something that was right in front of me, my mom used to say, "If it were a bear it would have bit ya." Yet, as a 13 year old, it was the 1991 Vanessa Williams hit, 'Save the Best for Last', that really spoke to me:

Sometimes the very thing your looking for is the one thing you can't see...

Last week while on a call with Gems Oral History, Elena suggested I put all of my Storied interview clips into a Spotify podcast. I mean right, of course. Side note--if you are in California, or have a loved one there who is looking to preserve their stories, check her out!

I took Elena's advice and loaded all of my Storied clips into Spotify and SoundCloud. It was surprisingly easy because it turns out any ding dong can start a podcast.


Not to worry--this is not a 'true podcast'. I am not sure the world needs that from me right now. It is really just a way to house some clips from past interviews to give people a sense of what a Storied interview is like.

In other news, the mobile Storied studio is getting closer and closer to being interview ready. I will send along some more updates later this week.

And if you have any ideas for me that are so obvious I am not seeing them, please send them my way!



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