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Storied in the Summer!

Last summer felt like a blur--between boatloads of rain, being in treatment, and logging lots of hours on the couch, it felt like everything went:

Cut to this summer, and life is feels a little bit calmer. The Storied trailer has a new look and so do I. I went from bald to Paulie 'Walnuts' from the Sopranos and the trailer looks like it is kinda supposed to be in our front yard now.

Thankfully my very talented friend, Brian Threlkeld of Photography for the People takes pictures that make us all look a little better.

Now that we both have a little more pep in our step, come on over and share your stories in the cozy and comfortable spiffed up trailer!

Or if you have an event where you are looking to capture stories (think weddings, retirement parties, milestone birthdays) we can come to you! Contact me to chat about it!

Since it is audio only, come as you are--dressed up or dressed down. The goal is always to be comfortable sharing your stories.



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