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Storied: You do You edition

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

You do You--an idiom as defined by the Cambridge English Dictionary:

Used to say that someone should do what they think is best, what they enjoy most, or what suits their personality.

Sometimes the Instagram universe hits you with the right quote, haircut inspiration, or heartwarming video at just the right time. This quote from James Clear spoke to me yesterday:

The reason it resonated is this: Over the past few weeks I have had many moments questioning what I am doing and if I can really make a go at this. Now I have listened to enough episodes of 'How I Built This' to know that self-doubt and wanting to throw in the towel is part of running a small business.

I have spent some time coming to terms with all I am not:

  • I am not a podcaster

  • I am not an oral historian

  • I am not a journalist

  • I am not a trained interviewer

  • I am not a sound engineer

  • I am not a website designer or social media marketing guru

And, I have also become more steadfast in what I am:

  • I am someone who loves to talk with people

  • Making people feel comfortable talking and sharing brings me immense joy

  • "You are easy to talk to" is the best compliment I can receive

  • I am someone who is learning how audio recording, social media, and website design works

  • I am willing to hire folks who can teach me what I don't know yet.

Self-doubt is part of the human condition and most certainly part of mine AND I feel solid in what I have to offer with Storied. Slow and steady is how I do, so I will just continue to do that.

And, on that note, it has taken me almost three years but I finally feel like I have more clearly articulated why I started Storied. You can check out my new bio and website facelift at A big, warm THANK YOU to Pam Chamberlain for all of her website Botox. Stay tuned for online booking and online gift certificate purchasing as well.

Thank you for your continued support and letting me be me,


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