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When I was a young little do-gooder thinking that the world needed to be changed and I was the one to do it, I worked for a mentoring program. It was a great program and I enjoyed matching young people with caring adults. It was the perfect introduction to the power of human connection and finding intergenerational friendship in unlikely places.

A few decades later I have realized that I’m not going to change the world and nobody needs fixing. But what I can do is try to make small contributions in my own way. For me the most intuitive, and frankly easiest way, has always been to say thank you to someone who has shown me extra care and generosity.

My most recent mentor, who I have dubbed my audio godfather, is Matt Frassica. If you go to his website you will see his impressive list of work achievements in the podcast and radio realm.

What his website will not capture is his generosity of spirit and gentle patience which includes, but is not limited to, coming over to my home in early 2020 to teach me how to use audio equipment and editing software. His website bio does not explain that he is open to answering, and re-answering, all sorts of basic recording and editing questions and the gentle manner in which he tries to use simple metaphors to explain complex audio concepts to a still relative novice.

It will also not discuss his willingness to promptly answer panicky emails and the research he has done to make cost effective equipment recommendations to a small, cash strapped, business owner. So, even though I have more than a few years on him, I am grateful to Matt for sharing his wisdom with me.

Taking time to thank a mentor will not change the world in any type of dramatic way. But being thanked and appreciated can certainly brighten someone’s day and maybe that is enough for right now. Sit down with me, virtually or in-person, and chat with me about the people that have helped you along the way. It might brighten and change both of your days.

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