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Life story:

One option for a Storied recording is capturing a full life story—from birth to present.

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing the father of a longtime friend. Although I had some background knowledge of his life, it was not until I sat down and chatted with him that I was able to really understand what a full, heart-centered, and storied life he has led. Growing up, I remember him playing the guitar often. What a gift it was to learn more about why music is so important to him:

One of the best parts was hearing from my friend after she listened to her father's interview. She hadn’t known that her grandmother also played music. This might seem like a small detail but I love knowing that Grandma is getting credit for her part in the families musical gene pool.

Consider giving a Storied gift certificate to a parent or grandparent to record their life story. It can help fulfill the desire we have as children to know about our parents' lives before we existed. It is a win-win—I love hearing your parents tell stories I have never heard (but you may have) AND you get to listen to the edited version.

Please reach out to me with any questions about gifting a life story interview to someone you love or recording your own!

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