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Tuesdays with Storied for April 12, 2022

Timing really is everything. Well over a year ago, Molly, of approached me about renting a space for Storied within her studio. I politely declined and never even looked at the space. At the time I was limping along working from a card table in my bedroom and homeschooling my kids (read: providing more snacks than educational support with copious amounts of irritability sprinkled on top).

I graduated from a card table in my bedroom to an office downstairs last summer but my kids never forgave me for displacing our dog from his favorite barking spot. They would only refer to it as “Muggsy’s room.” Muggsy also held a grudge and paid me back by barking in the background of several interviews.

Then, just about a month ago, I had the chance to see the space Molly had mentioned to me all that time ago. The minute I looked at it, I knew I was supposed to be in there.

I know this is a lot of pressure to put on a small space but here is what I am hoping for:

When you come in I hope you feel:



At ease

Ready to laugh

Ready to share your stories and all the emotions that come with it

When you leave, I hope you feel:

Cared for

Happy you shared

Excited to share your gift with loved ones.

Ready to tell friends and family what a great experience it was

Starting today, I will be conducting all of my in-person Storied interviews out of my space in Molly Maps, 855 Sawyer St, South Portland, Maine. And added bonus, you can check out all of Molly‘s gorgeous artwork while you are there.

A cynic might say that I am paying monthly rent just to get away from my dog. While that is partially accurate, it’s not the whole story either. I’m excited to have a space that will promote joy and connection that I don’t have to share with any human or furry family members.

A big thank you to Molly for her patience and gentle persistence. I am excited to share my new work space with Molly and all of you.

Come on over for a visit. It will be a good time!

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