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Tuesdays with Storied for April 5, 2022

For those with school aged kids, the end of the school year is inching closer and closer. It might seem premature to even discuss it, but here goes:

Q: You know what makes a great end-of-year-gift for a teacher, school administrator, lunch aide, crossing guard, or any other school related official?

A: Your kiddos sweet, high octave voice sharing, through stories, what they love and appreciate about school staff. Bonus points if your kids do a light hearted imitation of the aforementioned.

Here is some feedback from teachers that received a Storied gift at the end of last school year:

“Oh my goodness, I just listened to this and it is the most kind and thoughtful gift I have ever received. Thank you all so much for thinking of me.”

“Oh my. I had no idea what to expect and am just blown away. I want to record a thank you right now but don't want to cry! If I can pull myself together today I will record myself thanking you. You may have to wait a few days! Thank you. Holy smokes.”

Of course there is always the standard canvas tote with all of the kids names written in puffy paint--you know just in case our kids names are not seared into the school staffs memory already. But, if you go that route, please stuff the tote with cash. It has been another long school year.

Your self-appointed teachers pet,


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