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Tuesdays with Storied for February 1, 2022

For a while I had a pretty good routine of waking up, getting my coffee, and then doing a 10 minute meditation. Life got in the way and somehow my routine morphed into getting coffee, getting sucked into checking my email, reading the news, returning texts, or looking at haircuts on Instagram.

I am making a concerted effort to return to the routine that makes me feel better which includes coffee, meditation, and Instagram haircuts. After finishing a recent meditation, this was the pull quote:

Let me just take a moment to state the obvious here. Relationships are tricky. They are messy and complicated and layered and hard. And necessary.

With Storied, I am making an effort to focus on, and share, what you love about another person. That is not to say that hurt and resentment doesn’t exist in some of those same relationships. Of course they do—that is what makes it a human relationship.

I am just suggesting that it feels good to take a few recorded moments to share the stories that illustrate the affection you have for another human. Sharing lovable and irritating idiosyncrasies are also welcome.

It is kind of a nice routine to get into sharing gratitude for another person. I recommend coffee, meditation and haircut surfing beforehand though.

With gratitude and a healthy amount of quirks,


P.S. I would be remiss, and my kids would be disappointed in me, if I did not acknowledge how character building having the name Sylvester McNutt must be.

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