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Tuesdays with Storied for January 11, 2022

This is some of the best, goosebump inducing, feedback to hear:

“Your recording of my mom was my favorite gift this year. I thought I knew her story and wanted to capture it for her grandchildren, but because of your questions and prompting, I learned so much more from her.”

"My siblings and I had a call a few nights ago to talk about the stories we recorded. Everyone commented on how great it was to work with you and how cathartic this whole process has been for all of us. It was a really wonderful discussion. So thank you again for all that you did."

Here is the thing—I don’t have any special magic. I just have the advantage of not being related to your loved ones. I use my inexperience with their life story and lack of emotional entanglement to my advantage. And I genuinely love hearing about all the minutiae of someones life whether I know them personally or not.

The magic happens when someone starts sharing and sees for themselves how this memory or story could benefit those they love.

(One minor note Mr. Grant--"Sharing your art, writing, invention or stories isn't an act of self-promotion. It's an act of self-expression.")

You might think your stories are not worth listening to but I have a feeling your loved ones will respectfully disagree. It is not shameless self-promotion to tell your stories--it is putting your stories out in the world for your loved ones to benefit from.

But while we are on the subject of shameless promotion please indulge for a moment. Here are some of the local folks that inspire me with their art, writing, invention and stories:




And, on the subject of shameless self-promotion, feel free to forward this email or my website along to anyone who you think might be interested in taking a look

I hope 2022 brings less COVID, more creativity, and a little bit of magic for us all.



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