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Tuesdays with Storied for January 25, 2022

Alright, now I know that Valentine’s Day is a bit overdone. But here is my counter argument…

Telling someone what you love about them and sharing stories that illustrate those qualities just feels good. It feels good to share it and it feels good to hear it.

It doesn’t have to be a romantic love that you are sharing. It can be platonic friendship love, the love you have for your children or your siblings, the love you have for a mentor or teacher. Any type of love works. And if 'love' feels too strong a word, try on 'strong like' instead. Sharing what you 'strongly like' about someone feels good too.

In my mind, having a day dedicated to sharing what you love about the people in your life is a good thing. I happen to think that we should share these sorts of things most days, but if there is one day dedicated to it AND it involves hearts, chocolate and flowers--sign me up!

Here is how I am spreading the love from now until February 14th:

Record up to a 30 minute interview to give to someone you love for only $75!

That is a $25 savings...

(With the $$ you save, you could buy some flowers or chocolate to go with it...)

I love answering your questions so please reach out if you have any. And, I highly suggest treating yourself to some flowers or chocolate too.



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