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Tuesdays with Storied for March 1, 2022

For those who have kids and live in the northeast it was school vacation week last week. Not that these things can be controlled but it should be noted that PMS and school breaks do not always play nicely together. You know what else does not play nicely? My kids at the end of a vacation week. We had our positive moments for sure, but the banter towards the end of the week was more pointed and sarcastic than I cared for. And same for my kids.

Banter between adults who enjoy each others company is an entirely different matter. One of my favorite parts of interviewing two or more people together is the banter that happens naturally in conversation. While someone is sharing a story, it inevitably jogs the other persons memory about some related topic and banter is the golden byproduct.

When siblings are sharing stories about parents, or friends are sharing about another friend, or colleagues are discussing a soon to be retired colleague, the natural conversation that happens between questions is my favorite part.

Witty, friendly, and loving banter are always welcome in any Storied interview. Trust me, it will feel like a vacation listening to it after this last week.



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