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Tuesdays with Storied for March 22, 2022

My dad died in early April 2015 and ever since the first weeks of April have felt kind of wonky. In 2014, he was interviewed as part of a history project at work.

While the interviewer seemed to think he was hilarious, I guarantee my mom just rolled her eyes listening to it. While I am embarrassed to admit it, I have the same self-congratulatory laugh when I make a bad joke. Which is also more often than I care to admit.

My dad was funny and thoughtful and stubborn and inpatient. He was smart and accomplished and a hotheaded slob. He was a dedicated father who never changed a diaper and a loving husband who hardly ever cooked a meal. He was human and complicated and I miss him everyday.

Having his voice recorded is a gift we didn't know we needed back in 2014. But now in 2022, his laugh, the cadence of his voice, and his bad jokes are the gifts that keep on giving and continue to appreciate in value as time marches on.

Your stories, recorded in your voice, is a gift you can give your loved ones right now. Add in some laughter and obvious jokes and your humanity will be fully captured for all to enjoy. And eye-roll at.



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