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Tuesdays with Storied for May 3, 2022

Back when my maternal grandparents were alive, I used to call them on Sundays to check in and say hello. My grandma was brief on the phone. My grandpa was not. His stories would have benefited from a shrewd editor and a tight time limit.

I probably would have benefited from listening more closely to his insights on family genealogy and Vermont history. The part that still makes me smile is at the end of the conversation, I would say, “Bye grandpa, I love you.” His response was always, “Same to you.” Even if he couldn’t say the words “I love you“ I knew he did.

If you are looking to get your grandparents stories recorded, I will show genuine interest in their stories, be a kind but firm timekeeper, and a judicious editor. And when I tell them that I sincerely enjoyed our time together I hope they respond with, “And same to you".

My new office space is grandparent friendly with parking right out front, no stairs, and a bathroom in close proximity. Come on over and visit me inside the MollyMaps Studio at 855 Sawyer St, South Portland!

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