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Tuesdays with Storied for November 2, 2021

Both my kids have November birthdays. Last year as we were scrambling to come up with gift ideas, my husband and I decided to sit down and record each of our kids birth stories. Correction—I decided and he humored me.

I figured that my kids, who were turning 8 and 10 at the time, would be underwhelmed by the recorded version of their early days but would politely listen anyway. However, they seemed genuinely moved while listening. My daughter, who usually reserves tears for when she is tired, hungry, or fed up with her brother, sat on her bed and listened with little tears running down her face. Those tears dried quickly and the detail she most enjoys retelling is that she was almost born on a toilet.

If you have kids and have thought about documenting how they arrived, take a look through these questions to get you thinking:

Birth story questions
Download PDF • 136KB

If you are looking for a gift that may take several years for them to really appreciate, look no further and reach out to get your interview scheduled. Given that delayed gratification and young children do not mix well, I would also recommend a supplemental gift that can be appreciated now like something with batteries or straight cash.

Kids are not for everyone. Not everyone is lucky enough to know their own birth story, have a birth story if they want one, or lucky enough to share a story filled with love, support and lots of mishaps. But just for the record, I am here to listen to ALL of them, regardless of what shape they take. I’m not kidding.



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