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Tuesdays with Storied for November 9, 2021

Lately I have been making an effort to more clearly articulate what Storied is. Usually when I am asked "what I do" I stumble through putting a series of words together that are less coherent, and more coherent adjacent, than I would like. With the help of some of my small business owning friends, I have been editing my elevator pitch so that it is a little less clunky. Here goes:

I run a small business called Storied. I interview people about stories they feel are important to share with those they love. I have always loved talking to people and hearing about their lives. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for over a decade, I have spent hours honing the skills of listening, asking questions, and making people feel at ease while sharing. With Storied I use my skills to promote joy and connection.

The interview process is tailored to your specific story and intended audience. I am here to make the process feel relaxed and enjoyable. I will also record, edit, and make your audio interview a beautifully presented gift to give.

Here are a few examples of stories to share:

  • A full life story to give your children and grandchildren.

  • Your children’s birth stories.

  • A birthday or anniversary gift sharing what you love about another person and the stories that illustrate that affection.

  • A compilation of short interviews to give as a retirement gift to a beloved work colleague.

  • A compilation of short interviews to give as a wedding gift to a newly minted couple.

  • The story behind your business to share with potential customers.

  • End of life stories to give loved ones when you are no longer here.

  • A memorial compilation with stories of a deceased loved one to share with future generations.

  • A ‘how we met story’ to share with a partner or lifelong friend.

  • Siblings sharing stories of what they love, admire and have learned from their parents and how they have navigated challenging times together.

Please reach out with any other story ideas you have!



P.S. Gift certificates are a thoughtful and efficient way to show someone their stories are worth listening to. An almost effortless, or effortless adjacent, gift.

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