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Tuesdays with Storied for October 19, 2021

Call me curious, inquisitive, or just nosy but I have always enjoyed hearing small details about peoples lives—where they like to grocery shop, what their bedroom looked like growing up, what toothpaste they prefer. Spare no detail and the more adjectives the better.

When my Dad died in 2015, my brother, sister and I each spoke at his memorial service. Here are a few of the details I shared:

My dad was not a religious man but he was not without belief or ritual either. His faith could be found in a strong cup of coffee, a promptly delivered New York Times, Cheers and Seinfeld reruns, bridge games, bowling, Walter’s hot dogs, Costco trips to buy more dental floss than one person could ever need, the racetrack in Saratoga in August, bickering with my mom as a way to show true love, using expletives freely, and calling each of his three kids every Sunday.

(Pictured: My poor father probably just trying to watch a Cheers episode while I insisted on distracting him with my new Amish inspired attire.)

Your stories can be about the minutiae of your early days or about the specific ingredients that make up what you love about another person. To those that love you, these small details make you larger than life.

Just to keep things fair I will sign off by sharing that I am a Hannaford girl but I do dabble in other markets from time to time, my bedroom was what my mom would call a ‘pigsty’ growing up (I have changed my ways) and currently my favorite toothpaste is the Hello brand, mint flavor.

These seemingly inconsequential details have all sorts of stories wrapped up in them. Ready to hear all of yours!



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