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Uniquely unqualified but still here anyway!

I know that any social media manager, or marketing person, or anyone really would tell me that my rate of posting is deeply inadequate in order to keep a small business front of mind for folks. To them I would say, "You are absolutely right and I'm doing what I can. I wouldn't even call it 'doing my best' but I am doing what I can for right now." Also, I know this graphic doesn't really connect with the text but again, doing what I can.

I am still here and kickin' and love capturing your stories. Listening to stories, asking questions, hearing people reflect on their own stories, and finding patterns and connections within those stories is really the thing I love doing most. And it is a good thing too because I am uniquely unqualified to do much of anything else. Unless you are looking for a recommendation for sweatpants specifically from a big box store. Then by all means, come to me. My new favorites are from Kohl's.

Even thought my schedule is a bit limited at the moment, my energy and enthusiasm about capturing your stories is abundant. You can record remotely or in-person in the Storied trailer. In both cases sweatpants are not required but highly recommended.



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