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Valentine's Day or not, I just like a heart.

I was given some constructive feedback by someone close to me (read: my husband) that not everyone likes hearts as much as I do. True, but also, ok (read: shoulder shrug). I like a heart. So, for this first round of the new Storied audio greeting cards, the front has a heart on it. I have taken his feedback to heart and the next time I go to the printer, I will have options.

Please, have a heart and keep on reading...

I think that the new Storied audio cards are kinda perfect for telling someone what you love, admire and have learned from them. Romantic love, parent love, sibling love, friend love--it fits for all of it. Also, telling people what you love about them within the context of a story just feels good and is fun.

Now, Valentine's Day is coming up so along with heart filled boxes of chocolates, teddy bears, and single roses, consider what $50 can get you:

  • Interview questions to review ahead of the scheduled interview time

  • Up to 20 minutes of interview time (in-person or remote)

  • Postproduction editing time

  • Email of digital interview for approval

  • Gift boxed interview saved on a USB flash drive and the digital audio file delivered via unique Dropbox link

  • Greeting card with USB included mailed to the recipient for you.

Save yourself a last minute to trip to Walgreens in mid-February to find the least offensive Valentine's Day card you can. With a little pre-planning you will have your card and gift covered.

It warms my heart that you have read this far, thank you!



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