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We Never Stop Surprising You

First off, thank you for those who continue to read my newsletters whenever I happen to get around to sending them. It truly means so much that anyone besides those bound to me by blood or marriage even take a look at them.

I posted this on IG and FB a few days ago but figured I should send it out in newsletter form as well.

I am still very excited and enthusiastic about recording your stories. If you read on, I will tell you when my "good" weeks are for interviewing and recording. And I promise I will be totally upfront and honest about my ability to meet or not meet. I am working hard at leaning in to my good days and my couch days.

And now on, read on about the wonders of Hannaford:

Many years ago, Hannaford had a marketing slogan something like “Hannaford. We never stop surprising you.” I think they were referencing the surprise of the fresh produce and well stocked aisles but I think this catchy slogan works on multiple levels. Let me explain. First off, most times I am at Hannaford, I have some amusing or sweet or very human interaction with the checkout person or bagger. I go there so much that I know the best checkout folks, the most efficient baggers, and the wild cards. I love the eclectic mix of staff and patrons you find there. Hospitals and Hannaford—everyone will need to go there from time to time and both institutions are truly the great human equalizer. Last week my husband and I were shopping together and loading our bags into the trunk of the car. I was moving slow and had bandages on my chest from my port infection and had a bandana on my head. I looked the part of someone with cancer. As we were loading the groceries into the car, a massive shiny black pickup truck parked next to us and a large man all tatted up on his arms and legs hopped out and gave a quick nod. As my husband was returning the cart, the man walked by him and gently said, “Hey man. My mom is a survivor. Stay strong.” This little act of shared humanity in the Hannaford parking lot totally caught me off guard and made me tear up. Just a reminder that you we all have such rich and varied life experiences and you never know the ways in which Hannaford will surprise you. In the store or the parking lot. No surprise here though—I am still excited to capture your stories. I have availability the weeks of: August 21st September 11th October 2nd Feel free to schedule online at or message me directly. Go ahead and surprise me!



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